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Website Awards

Posted by admin on Sep 29, 2008 - 08:27 AM

From the October edition of the Pitcombe News

Community Council for Somerset. Village Communications Competition 2008

Back in May of this year I was speaking to Carole Wyatt about the village hall website and Carole mentioned details she had received from the Community Council for Somerset about a website competition which the Community Council hold every year. Carole suggested we should enter the competition with the new Hadspen village hall website. I must admit to a little initial personal reluctance but after thinking about it for a while, I came to the conclusion that it might be a good idea to have the website judged and assessed by an outside body as perhaps, a way of improving what we already had. So I sent off the entry form, not just for the Hadspen Village Hall site but also for our Pitcombe Parish site.

Towards the end of August I received a letter from the Community Council inviting me, as an entrant in this years competition, to the organisation’s AGM at which the competition results would be announced and presentations made. It was to be held in the Williams Hall, Stoke St Gregory. So on Wednesday 10th September I duly attended and was at first surprised by the attendance, the hall was full, an audience well into three figures. The guest of honour wasthe Mayor of Taunton.

The evening started with a general presentation of the work undertaken by the Community Council and their achievements during the past year, which I found interesting and informative. I was not aware of the extent of the help they provide to the rural community. After the official business ended the meeting broke for refreshments before culminating in the launch of the new Community Council website and the results and awards of the communications competition.

The website awards were split into three categories, small, medium and large villages/towns based on population. As the awards were announced I was quietly pleased when the Pitcombe Parish website was awarded a “highly commended” in the small village category for which I was presented with a certificate. Then having returned to my seat I was very surprised to hear Hadspen, as the winner of the same category, yes we had won! So another walk from back row to the front to receive the award of a certificate, a box of chocolates, and a gold membership of the “TheNationalPages”, free internet advertising for the village hall. So I rather contentedly returned to my seat with the spoils and applauded as the winners of the medium and large categories received their awards. There was one finalcategory, the overall best website, yes, and much to my disbelief the winner was Hadspen. So for the third time I made the walk between back row and the front to receive this time a certificate, a bottle of champagne, and a winner’s trophy, a wooden shield with smaller silver shields engraved with the names of all past winners of the competition.

The judges then ran through the reasons why they had chosen Hadspen as the overall winner. Amongst the points mentioned were the clarity of the design, the gallery, the events calendar, the ease of navigation, the text resizing facility, the site search function and our maths equation spam prevention method on our contact and feedback forms.

I must say the journey home despite the foul weather was quite enjoyable.

Finally, I will say these awards are for the community and I would like to thank Carole for all her help when the website was first set up and for keeping the events diary up to date, Willie Constantine and Jim Linden for their excellent photography, and all residents of the parish who make such enterprises worth while.

You can see copies of the award certificates by visiting the photo gallery at and you can view the announcement of the awards on the Community Council website by visiting

David Jury