Stealth Cam 8mp 26IR Camo Trail Camera

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Stealth Cam 8mp 26IR Camo Trail Camera Description

The G26CMO is Stealth Cam’s most technologically advanced, state-of-the-art, 8.0 Megapixel camera with three resolutions: 8.0mp, 4.0mp and 2.0mp. It incorporates 26 IR emitters with a 70-foot range. The G26CMO also sports Stealth Cams state of the art ‘Stealth Camo’ to help it blend in naturally with whatever environment it’s used in. The G Series is engineered in the US and incorporates Stealth Cam’s new look, encompassing their all-new software innovations and rugged, compact body housing, letting hunters know when they purchase Stealth Cam, they have the latest technology available on the market. The new G Series compact scouting cameras will embody Retina Advanced Low-Light Sensitivity, Matrix Blur Reduction Technology, Reflex.75 second trigger speed, Multi-Zone Detection, Geo-Tag, Secure Lock Digital Protection, and Energy Efficient Design. Those are all in addition to their current pioneering technology portfolio of TRIAD 3-in-1 Technology, HD Hi Definition Video, Quick Set – fast simple setup and Burst Rapid-Fire Mode. Going beyond the fast trigger speeds and efficient battery life, the G Series has even more features, such as HD High Definition Video with data time code stamping, a great tool for editing footage plus time-lapse with PIR Override mode, giving you virtually three cameras in one complete package. Still, Video and Time-Lapse! The PIR Override will still capture an image if the subject walks by while in time-lapse, ensuring nothing is overlooked in the woods. The Retina and Matrix technologies work cohesively to evenly illuminate the subject area, which captures clearer images up to 70 feet, while the Multi-Zone Detection feature captures subjects on the perimeters.

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